Education and networking for insurance underwriters from Texas and beyond


1.  Q.  Who/What is TWUC?
     A.  In the summer of 2010, representatives of the Central Texas Home Office Life Underwriters Association and the Texas Home Office Underwriters Association began discussing the idea of an annual meeting for the entire state of Texas in addition to the local meetings that they currently hold.  TWUC was born as a result.  TWUC is not an organization, but rather a cooperative network of these two groups and the recently-formed  Texas Gulf Coast Underwriting Association in the Houston-Galveston area.  There will be a conference fee to attend the annual TWUC conference, but you will not be joining TWUC as a member of it.  You are, of course, encouraged to belong to  at least one of the underwriting associations in Texas. 

2.  Q.  I'm a Texas life/health underwriter who doesn't belong to any group now.  Whom should I join?
     A.  Technically, if you are an underwriter in Texas, you can join any of the associations, and you may also belong to more than one of them.  For example, since membership is CTHOLUA is mostly by company and THOUA membership is by individual, your company may belong to CTHOLUA (and you with it), but you can also join THOUA as an individual member. 
     If possible, you should try to belong to an association that is close enough to you to make meeting attendance practical.  THOUA is very convenient if you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, CTHOLUA is convenient if you are in the Austin-San Antonio area, and a new association, the TGCUA, is convenient for the Houston-Galveston area. 

3.  Q.  Can I belong to more than one association?
     A.  Again, absolutely.  You can even belong to all three if you wish.